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Since 1939, Du-Lite has been a Leading Supplier of Black Oxide Finishing Equipment, Chemicals, and Accessory Products to American and Foreign Manufacturers. We Now Introduce Our Newest Product, the DRI-AIR LUBE System that Uses Our Specialized Air Tool Lubricants.

Du-Lite Kwikseal Firearm Lubricant and Rust Preventive Oil Provides Protection for Up to 12 Months!

70% of USA Firearms Manufactures use Du-Lite Kwikseal Rust preventative lubricating oils to protect their firearms that are being shipped to dealers and distributors sold in Pints, Quarts, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon containers. 90% of orders shipped the same day they are received.

Past and Present Customers of Du-Lite Include:

  • Bell Helicopter – Fort Worth, TX
  • Aers Defense System – Melborne, FL
  • Sikorsky Aircraft – Stratford, CT
  • General Dynamics – Saco, ME
  • FBI – Quantico, VA
  • Quantico Marine Corp – Quantico, VA
  • US Army Camp Stanley – Boerne, TX
  • Barrett Firearms – Murfreesboro, TN
  • Sturm, Ruger & Co. Firearms – Prescott, AZ and Newport, NH
  • Kimber America – Yonkers, NY
  • Henry Repeating Arms – Bayonne, NJ
  • Kel-Tech CNC – Cocoa, FL
  • Les Baer Custom Inc. – LeClaire, IA
  • Weatherby Gun – Paso Robles, CA
  • Ithaca Gun Company, Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Canadian Mounted Police – CanadaIndo-Mim – India
  • Faradyne Motors – China

If most of the top firearm manufacturers in the USA TRUST Du-Lite’s Kwikseal Oil, SO SHOULD YOU!

Du-LIte Black Oxide and Gunsmithing Set-Ups

Du-Lite Black Oxide Finishes Are Used When a Long-Lasting, Durable Protective Black Coating is Required

Since 1939, Du-Lite has been a leading supplier of black oxide finishing equipment, chemicals, and accessory products to American and foreign manufacturers. Originally developed to replace highly poisonous cyanide methods of “bluing”, our Steelkote™ process does not contain cyanide, mercury or heavy metals which are detrimental to the environment or a health hazard for the operator. An important part of our success has been the technical support we provide to our customers. We maintain a complete lab facility to assist customers in solving their most difficult black oxide problems. Technicians are available to answer questions from the field. We also maintain our own black oxide production facility, which is used to test sample parts. This allows proper recommendation of equipment and chemicals to prospective users.

Du-Lite’s has black oxide chemicals for blackening carbon steel parts as well as products to blacken stainless steel, silver solder, cast iron, brass or copper.

How the Du-Lite DRI-AIR Lubricant System Works

Du-Lite’s DRI-AIR LUBE System is a Portable Air Manifold System that Removes Water from the Compressor Airline and Adds Lubricating Oil to the Clean Air, Coating Internal Parts of Air Tools with Oil to Prevent Rusting and Breakages.

Air Compressors force feed large quantities of air into very small spaces. This compression process creates heated compressed air which contains moisture. As the compressed air travels through the air-lines, it cools and water droplets are allowed to form. When this air/water mixture enters the Du-Lite DRI-AIR Lube System the air is forced to travel through a baffle. As this mixture travels through the baffle the water is displaced and falls to the bottom of the Du-Lite DRI-AIR Lube System. When enough water and dirt has been collected it automatically ejects to the ground or an available drain. The dry air then enters the lubricator and mixes with Du-Lite’s variety of rust preventative oils, and is sent through to the air tool.

There are no filters or any other accessories or parts needed to maintain the Du-Lite DRI-AIR Lube System. The dryer is also maintenance free, and the lubricator only needs oil added to the reservoir as necessary. The Du-Lite DRI-AIR Lube System will extend the life of your tools, increase tool performance, and cut the costly wasted man-hours caused by the poor performance due to the lack of lubrication or the clogging of foreign substances in your air tools.

The use of the Du-Lite DRI-AIR Lube System eliminates these types of problems from occurring and allows you to finish your projects in a timely manner.

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