Du-Lite Testimonials


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As a firearms manufacturer, we have been happily working with Du-Lite products for many years. Looking for a way to increase production, we were shown Du-lite’s easy black system. It was a perfect fit for our application. A true turnkey operation backed up by a professional, helpful staff. We have increased production while lowering operating costs. Thanks, Du-lite!

Chris AndradePlant Manager - Charter Arms

I initially started out using a competitor’s black oxide system. The results were less than satisfactory, to say the least. I had over a 15% reject rate.


After some research, I decided to try your “Gunsmith” system with 5 small tanks. What a difference! The color turned out fantastic. Subsequently, a large firearms manufacturer saw the quality work we were producing and dropped off some receivers they were having difficulty getting good results on from various different black oxide vendors. I ran the parts through the process after talking to Walt about the issues they were experiencing. With a little “tweaking” of temperatures, the receivers turned a perfect deep black color. My customer asked if I could handle a large volume of parts. With the small system I had, I couldn’t handle the volume. I talked with Walt and he offered to help design a system that could handle the volume needed but still be useful in running our usual amount of custom work. The seven tank system he designed me is a work of art! Automatic water and temperature controls make this system effortless. My reject rate is less than a half a percent and I’m turning out a batch every 15 minutes! Delivery of chemicals is fast and thanks for finding the best prices on shipping.


In three years our reputation as a quality provider of black oxide for firearms has grown rapidly.


I cannot thank you enough! Great job by great people!!

Jim MajorosOwner - Viktor's Legacy Custom Gunsmithing

We have been working with the team at Du-Lite for over 20 years and couldn’t be happier. They have a great team, products and provide superior service for all of our black oxide needs. I would highly recommend them to others without reservation. We look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.

Tony HardinOperations Manager - Electro Polish

I have recently tested two of your Du-Lite Pistol Cleaning Kits during my NRA Basic Pistol Course with 8 students who were attending the course. I found the kits to be made of exceptional quality materials. Two unique features of your product that I really appreciated were the soft brass cleaning rods and eyelet (which protect the barrel and cylinder from unnecessary damage and wear). The plastic handle which houses all the pieces is extremely handy for running the copper bore brushes through the barrel and cleaning the cylinders of a revolver. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to test out your product with my class and in the future as my small business grows I look forward to placing an order with your company!

Justin D BaldwinOwner - Baldwin Firearms Company

I would like to take the time to thank Walt Smith owner of Du-Lite for taking the time out of his busy day to help me with starting up a small bluing operation. I was taught how to blue at sea level in Texas and when I got home in Colorado, elevation 8700 feet, I ran into a few problems with the formula. Even though I am a small dealer Walt treated me like a was a million dollar client. Everything worked out great! Thanks”

Robert QuinnOwner

Just a note, to tell you how pleased I am with the results I’ve obtained using your bluing salts. I am a lab tech, working in an electronics lab, so I appreciate clear and precise instructions on chemical processes. My first time results were phenomenal so Thank You Very Much for your find product.”

Micron Instruments

…great services and reasonable prices. We’ve got some more stuff on the way to you. The kwikseal we ordered today is the most effective stuff we’ve ever used. Thanks for the sample!”

Caspian Arms Ltd

Dulite’s bluing salts give a consistent, deep blue to all our gun parts. Their stainless steel blackening system works great, giving a consistent, even finish. We’re currently using one of their large industrial size bluing systems and it’s a dream to use. It regulates temperature automatically, and with their two tank system, we can push through large batches of parts in a minimum amount of time. Once up to temperature we’re finishing a batch of parts every 15 minutes. This system has cut down the amount of time and effort we need for bluing which frees us up to spend that time doing other work. It’s a great combination of hardware and chemicals and we’re really pleased with the results.

Greg KingWeatherby, Inc.