Du-Lite’s DRI-AIR LUBE Systems are Portable Air Manifold Systems that Remove Water from the Compressor Airline and Adds Lubricating Oil to the Clean Air, Coating Internal Parts of Air Tools with Oil to Prevent Rusting and Breakages. Air Compressors force feed large quantities of air into very small spaces.

Since 1939, Du-Lite has been a Leading Supplier of Black Oxide Chemicals & Finishing Equipment, Lubricating & Rust Preventative Oils, and more recently our DRI-AIR LUBE Manifold System that Uses Our Specialized Air Tool Lubricants to American and Foreign Manufacturers.

Du-Lite’s black oxide chemicals

Black Oxide Finishes Are Used When a Long-Lasting, Durable Protective Black Coating is Required.

Du-Lite’s black oxide chemicals are used in the chemical blackening process for carbon steel parts. We also provide other chemical processes to blacken stainless steel, silver solder, cast iron, brass, or copper. The black oxide process penetrates the metal surface to provide durable protection without altering the physical dimensions or properties of the metal itself.

Gas or Electric Metal Finishing Systems Available

Gas or Electric Metal Finishing Systems are Available in a Variety of Sizes, or We Can Custom Build a Systems to Your Exact Specifications.

Du-Lite builds Gas Heated Gunsmithing Setups and Electrically Heated Black Oxide Systems. The larger Easy Black Systems come complete with an exhaust hood and blower, water lines, and drains which are all factory installed. A completely wired electrical control panel and all start-up chemicals are provided to you for a complete black oxide turnkey solution.

Du-Lite Specialized Lubricants and Rust Preventative Oils

Du-Lite has a Great Line of Specialized Lubricants and Rust Preventative Oils Available as an Aerosol and Liquid.

Du-lite’s formulations exceed our competitor’s capabilities within the Firearm Industry, Industrial Manufacturing, Household Maintenance, and Sport Categories. Our lubricants are available in 11 oz. aerosols all the way up to 55-gallon drums.

DRI-AIR LUBE Manifold System and Air Tool Lubricants

Du-Lite’s DRI-AIR LUBE System is a Manifold System that Removes Water from Compressor Airlines and Adds Lubricating Oil to Protect Air Tools.

Du-Lite Manufactures 5 Different Air Tool Lubricants: Frost-Free Air Tool Lubricant, DBE Lubricant (Directional Boring Equipment Oil), New-Matic Air Tool Lubricant, Premium Rock Drill Oil (Offered in Winter and Summer Blend), and Breaker-10 Oil (Jackhammer Oil).