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Gunsmiths, Earn Extra Money by Refinishing Firearms!

Our Basic Gunsmithing Setup Will Pay for Itself in the 1st Month When You Refinish 10 - 12 Firearms.

If you refinish 10 - 12 guns each month you can earn $1,800 to $2,200 extra cash per month – nice little business.

Du-Lite Corp is the World Leader in Black Oxide (Bluing, Mag Phosphates, Gunsmith Tanks & Equipment.

Small Orders of All Our Products, 1 Gallon to 50 lbs. are Shipped Via UPS.
Large Orders are Shipped Via Common Carrier.

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Custom Electric & Gas Black OxideTanks for Industrial & Job ShopsMade in Steel or Stainless Steel

Du-Lite Complete Gunsmith's Finishing Systems:
We offer 6 complete stainless steel systems to fit everybodys needs and budget.

Gunsmith Black Oxide Bluing Tanks constructed 304 Stainless steel, Rinse tanks will not rust system will last many years and is cheaper than Steel Black Oxide Tanks sold by others. Complete 4 Tank Systems which includes Chemicals is only $ 2,995.00

Du-Lite has put all the equipment needed for black oxide finishing together in one easy to operate and install gunsmith's finishing set-up. This system is the perfect choice for beginning gunsmiths or for established businesses wanting to replace old or inadequate equipment.

Our tanks are made of stainless steel. The main advantage of having rinse tanks made of stainless steel is they will not rust like plain steel tanks which form small particles of rust in the rinse water that could stain your final black oxided finished parts. Stainless steel fabricated tanks and frames last 2 times longer than plain steel tanks & frames.

Why suffer with undependable equipment or homemade tanks when a complete factory produced installation is available - at a reasonable price from the most trusted name in black oxide finishing today! This system will pay for itself in increased business and ease of operation in no time!

Du-Lite offers 6 different factory produced systems. For specifications on each of our 6 Gunsmithing Systems, click on a model listed below

Our Chemicals are Used by Some of the
Leading Gun Manufacturers in the World
Kimber Ithica Guns Charter 2000
Keltec STI Henry Repeating Arms
Silencerco Sig Sauer Weatherby
Du-Lite Gunsmithing Setups


  • 4 or 5 TANKS - The tanks will come in 14 gauge rust resistant Stainless Steel. The system will have a: heated soak cleaner tank, heated black oxide tank and two water rinse tanks.

  • TANK DIMENSIONS - Depending on the system the tank dimensions are:
     • 6’’ W x 40’’L x 8 3/8’’ D
     • 10’’ W x 40’’L x 10’’ D
     • 12’’ W x 40’’L x 12’’ D

  • SOLID ANGLE IRON TANK STAND - Rigid frame holds all 4 tanks and eliminates danger of tipping over

  • 2 or 3 GAS BURNERS for cleaner and black oxide tanks. Burners are complete with air mixers and shutoff valves for LP or natural gas. Depending on the system the burner ratings are:
     • 39,000 BTU / HR (tank size 6’’x40’’x8 3/8’’)
     • 43,000 BTU / HR (tank size 10’’x40’’x10’’)
     • 61,000 BTU / HR (tank size 12’’x40’’x12’’)

  • BLUING THERMOMETER - Stainless Steel, Dial Type and Calibrated.

  • SAFETY EQUIPMENT - Operator's protective gear including 1 pair of plating gloves, apron, goggles and six dust masks.

  • CHEMICALS - Type and amount of chemicals included will depend on which system you choose. Types of chemicals include:
    • Du-Lite's #45 Cleaner™ 
    • Du-Lite's Oxiblak™ or Du-Lite's Steelkote™
    • Du-Lite's Kwikseal® Oil

  • Set-up / Operating Instructions

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

Our Gunsmith's black oxide systems are made with14 gauge rust resistant stainless steel. With stainless steel tanks there is no woory that small particles of rust will form in the rinse water and will be deposited on your finished products. We highly recommend rust resistant stainless steel system for this reason.