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Custom Electric & Gas Black OxideTanks for Industrial & Job ShopsMade in Steel or Stainless Steel

About Du-Lite Corporation

Since 1939, Du-Lite has been a leading supplier of black oxide, and manganese/zinc phosphate finishing equipment, chemicals, and accessory products to American and foreign manufacturers.

Du-Lite® is the world leading supplier of Black Oxide (Bluing Chemicals), Manganese Phosphate (Parkerizing Solution), Kwikseal® Firearm Lubricant and Rust Preventative Oil. No one sells more chemicals, equipment or firearm rust preventative oils to the firearm manufacturers and dealers than Du-Lite®. Over 3,000 satisfied customers worldwide! Call us today and at 860-347-2505 and we will solve your firearm finishing problems.

Du-Lite®’s chemical processes have been originally developed to replace highly poisonous cyanide methods of black oxide, Du-Lite®’s black oxide process called Oxiblak™ does not contain cyanide, mercury or heavy metals which are detrimental to the environment and a health hazard for the operator. An important part of our success has been the technical support we provide to our customers. We maintain a complete lab facility to assist customers in solving their most difficult black oxide problems. Our technicians are available to answer questions from the field and we also maintain our own black oxide production facility which is used to test sample parts. This allows proper recommendations of equipment and chemicals to prospective users.

Du-Lite®’s new complete pistol cleaning kit is the only kit on the market with Du-Lite®’s Kwikseal® firearm oil which protects, seals and lubricates all firearm parts from rust and corrosion protection last up to 12 months. Du-Lite®’s Kwikseal® is used by most major firearm manufacturers to protect their firearms while in storage and during shipments to their dealers. The list of manufacturers include; Ruger, T/C, KEL-TEC, Kimber, STI, Les Baer, Caspian Arms, U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Ed Brown, Henry’s Repeating Arms, Weatherby, Dakota Arms, Ithaca Gun Company, I.O. Inc., Charter 2000, Winchester, Barrett, Cooper Firearms, Shiloh, and Glock among others.

You can learn more about all of Du-Lite®’s products and worldwide distribution of black oxide chemicals for steel, stainless steel, cast iron, silver solder, copper and brass by calling, 860 347-2505 or send us an email.